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Downloading and installing Time2HELP is fast and easy. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the file Time2HELP.exe (3.57 MB, version
    The installation file is also available over http: t2h.exe
  2. Execute the file and follow the installation instructions to install the program.
  3. Locate the Time2HELP icon on your Start menu and execute the program. We suggest you open the Help file by selecting Help Topics from the Help menu and go to the Getting Started topic to see the tool in action.
Enjoy your evaluation of Time2HELP and please bookmark theTime2HELP Web site. Visit us often to see what's new with Time2HELP.

If you have any problems at all with Time2HELP, please refer to the support page.

Database drivers

For creating database documentation for BDE, Interbase or Oracle, you need to download the following database drivers. Please note that the new drivers will not work with version and older.

  Database   Filename   Date  
  BDE   2001-06-09  
  Interbase   2001-06-09  
  Oracle   2001-06-09  



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