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Version History

Version 1.0.45
  • Added: New options 'Delphi2005Win32' and 'Delphi2005DotNet' as Delphi version, to enable custom search paths and setting the proper define symbols for these.
  • Fixed: Bug when extracting icons from resource files having non-bitmap resources.
  • Improved: Made the parser code handling directives more robust (some D2005 code brought problems to the old version of the parser)
  • Fixed: Handling of 'inline' directive
Version 1.0.44
  • Modification: Improved support for context sensitive help from the Delphi IDE by increasing the number of A-keywords, and by including every A-keyword into the generated .als file
Version 1.0.43
  • Added: New compiler option 'Delphi 8 for .NET'
  • Modification: The parser now accepts visibility specifiers strict private and strict protected. The new specifiers are not given any special treatment, 'strict private' and 'strict protected' are handled as 'strict' and 'protected', respectively.
  • Modification: Support for the experimental directive. The directive is not given any special attention beyond being accepted by the parser.
  • Modification: Support for class constructors.
Version 1.0.42
  • Fixed: Previously some HREFs in <A> elements got translated wrong in HTML output. MailTo-links would end up getting an extra '.htm' extension. Another algorithm has now been employed to decide whether to add an .htm extension to HREF values in <A> elements.
  • Added: Editor charset global setting. See Setting Editor Charset
  • Fixed: <Returns> and <Exceptions> tags within a <Routine> tag are now allowed.
  • Improved: Surfaced the 'reintroduced' directive in the template language/model and added 'Reintroduce' images to the default templates.
  • Fixed: Problem parsing the 'deprecated' directive related to constants.
  • Fixed: Some constructs which was marked as 'deprecated' via the D6 (and later) directive wasn't marked as @deprecated in the output.
  • Improved: Added 'readonly' marker to read-only properties in HTML output (in class/interface overviews)
  • Added: Class attribute on <A> elements, to enable custom CSS styling on A elements in HTML output.
  • Improved: Removed a confusing (and harmless) 'suspicious' log entry.

Version 1.0.41
  • Helpfile splitted into two files, to counter a WinHelp K-Link bug, and because it is otherwise convenient to us.
  • Added two new properties to the HTML Help Output Engine:

    1. "Enable Full Text Search" - to turn on full text search (enables the 'Search' tab)
    2. "Include keywords for properties, methods and events (in main index)"
  • Improved: T2H's own help file.
  • Added: F1 help links from Inspector-based properties related to output settings, project settings and global configuration.
  • Added: F1 help links for tag-names from XML-editor.
  • Fix: <a href="idh_glossary#thing">thing</a> got translated into <a href="idh_glossary#thing.htm">thing</a>. Now gets properly translated into <a href="idh_glossary.htm#thing">thing</a>
  • Fix: Delphi for .NET unit names in HTML output
  • Fix: Delphi 7 units with resourcestrings marked with the 'deprecated' directive now supported.
  • Fix: In HTML Help output, when Default Topic Type = 'Custom', an '.htm' extension is now added to Custom Default Topic, if no '.htm' or '.html' extension already present.
  • Fix: Problem with handling 'deprecated' directive for routines and methods fixed.
  • Modification/Fix: .NET related. Added support for units with qualified/hierarchic names, like 'Borland.Delphi.SysUtils'. Also some modifications as to what is recognized as a valid qualified identifier, now keywords are allowed within (but not at the start) of a qualified identifier, in order to allow identifiers like 'System.Object', 'System.Type' etc.
  • Fix: In-topic links (used in topics for overloaded routines/methods), were translated by T2H into a string containing a hcrtf-invalid character (#), meaning hcrtf ignored them. Now another sequence of "magic" characters is used.
  • Feature: Added ability to automatically list components (and their properties, methods and events) in Table of Contents.
  • Fix: Links to components in library overview were broken. (output template fix)
  • Modification/Fix: Types for overrided properties are now included in the output when the property type is found in an ancestor class (typically in a TMyCustomComponent and TMyComponent setting, with publication of properties in the latter, of properties introduced by the former)
  • Modification: Handling of formal parameters to routines/methods changed. (This is mostly related to handling of overloading). Changed how methods are matched together in interface and implementation section. Added updating of Params in routines/methods in UnitDoc files.
  • Fix: DocComment for first item in the interface section after the unit declaration could in special situations wrongly end up as the DocComment for the unit itself.
  • Modification: Migrated internal Table of Contents structures (as well as topic keywords) to an interface based structure instead of a class/object based one. This was to make it possible for (future) addins to access this structure (typically to build custom TOCLinkGenerators).
  • Modification: Added possibility to specify location of global category file.
  • Fix: Added 'packed' keyword to packed classes. (output template fix).

For more information, see the version 1.0.41 release notes in the online documentation.

  • Overridden methods now have a link to the ancestor method
  • Introduced element [%Topic.URL%] in the templates that returns the URL for the generated topic.
  • Added Registry Key with installation path.
  • Summaries now appears in class overview, unit overview etc.
  • Added <Returns> and <Exceptions> tags in UnitDocs.
  • Fixed bug with display of Global Variables in UnitDoc preview.
  • Modified WinHelp template to reduce long paragraphs that could cause the WinHelp compiler to generate "out of memory" errors.
  • Removed browse sequences from the WinHelp template to enable lagrer projects to compile.
  • Fixed bug with @example tag.
  • Fixed bugs in C map header files and pascal mapping files

  • Fixed bug in connection with scope setting for WinHelp output.
  • For the HTML based outputs, protected (and private) items are also included for properties and events when scope is set to protected (or private, respectively).
  • Fixed bug related to some kinds of <see xxx> links when generating HTML based outputs.
  • Inheritance of documentation for properties and events.
  • Added BeforeTopicBody and AfterTopicBody templates in the Standard_HTMLPageDef.tpl template file.
  • Fixed bug that caused the order of @-tags to be significant.
  • Characters in the range 0x80-0xFF are now written to the output in hex, resolving a problem occurring when writing documentation in languages using characters in this range.
  • Fixed bug in connection with association of the "T2hProject" extension  to Time2HELP in Windows. Doubleclicking a .T2HProject file in the Windows Explorer now opens the project after Time2HELP is opened.
  • Removed the ClassName-entry in the K-link for properties, methods and events.
  • Tables in "IntroducedMethods" now has the correct setting of TR.Even and TR.Odd.
  • Fixed minor issues in the templates.
  • Support for old style key mapping (Ctrl-Ins: Copy, Shift-Ins: Paste) in the editor.
  • "Save All" now doesn't save unmodified files.

  • Fixed bug in UnitDoc Editor.
  • Fixed bug with invalid link "Dependencies" from units to unit dependencies popup topic.
  • Drag and drop of an image file from the Windows Explorer now creates a valid img tag.
  • The "properties" keyword for interfaces now appears in bold and with lower case characters.

  • Ability to add multiple category files on a project basis.
  • Constructor was reported as Procedure in output, this is now fixed.
  • Included .inc files in Common Delphi Search Path are now found.
  • Error in OtherTypeTopic Template fixed.
  • Reserved words now have all lower case characters.

  • The problem that could occur in very special cases with class declarations in the implementation section is now fixed.
  • The parser now handles the 'external' keyword.
  • The Global Template Path was previously ignored by Database documentation. This is now fixed.
  • Added option to specify the Database documentation template.
  • Extra RTF files are processed.
  • Attribute 'target' added to the A-tag. 


The main developments since build 38.17 are:

  • Substantial changes to the GUI.
  • Internal restructuring to make Time2HELP more flexible.
  • Unification of the project types (library and end user help project).
  • All interface sections and documentation are now kept in memory during build process.
  • Bugfixes and other improvements

For more information, see the version 1.0.39 release notes in the online documentation.

This page was last updated 2005-08-21 .
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